Board of Advisors

Gary Warech SVP, Advertiser, Sports & Branded Entertainment, ComScore

Eric Hutcherson SVP Human Resources, NBA

David Goldberg Partner, G. Pirozzi Consulting

Matt Scheckner Executive Director, Advertising Week

Glenn Hunter Executive Director, Harlem Cultural Archives

Emily Goldberg, Event Director

Emily developed the concept for the Calvin E. Ramsey Awards and has assembled the team to make them a reality.  In her role as Event Director, she is responsible for coordinating all efforts among the board, sponsors, donors, venue, charitable recipients, and the fundraising staff.

A New York resident and graduate of Baruch College, she is a procurement professional for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.  She also serves as an editorial assistant on the book “Canvas” which is being co-authored by Mr. Ramsey. Previously, she has worked for Atlantic Records, the NBA, Gilt Groupe, and Triborough Bridge & Tunnel Authority.

Ms. Goldberg has literally known Cal Ramsey her entire life and conceived these awards after seeing how freely he gives of his own time and how willing he has always been to support other people’s events.  Through this event, she aims to provide one night each year where the spotlight is on Cal.

RJ Ferrara

RJ, a Baruch College graduate, works for Medline as a surgical supplies rep and served as an editorial assistant for Cal’s book “Canvas” for the last several years. RJ has previously worked events for the NY Mets Gary, Keith, and Ron Foundation and American Youth Football.

Olu Akindutire, MD

Olu is a resident Emergency Room doctor in Brooklyn, NY. Olu attended college in Harlem and was able to witness Cal’s community influence firsthand throughout the years. Olu shares Cal’s passion for helping his community. He has previously worked for the NBA.